Pre-Nuptial Agreements

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There are several different types of domestic contracts that can be made in Ontario, and they differ according to the point in the parties’ relationship at which they are made. A contract made by two parties who plan to live together without being married is called a “cohabitation agreement”; a contract by future spouses who intend to marry is called a “pre-nuptial agreement”.

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Child Support – The Basics

Child counting money (Shallow DOF)

The obligation exists regardless of the state of the relationship between the parents. When the parents are living together, the expenses relating to child care and upbringing are normally shared either formally or informally, within the family unit.

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Determining Child Custody After Separation

Parent with Children

In the context of the already-difficult situation surrounding the breakdown of a marriage, the question of which parent gets custody of the children after separation can be a complex and emotionally-charged one.    […]

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Financial Disclosure – Explained

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Each party must be fully informed of the financial circumstances of the other.The Ontario Family Law Act expressly sets out that a Court can set aside any contract or settlement if it was reached without full disclosure by one or both parties.

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Unequal Division of Property – Can I Get More Than Half?

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In Ontario, the Family Law Act governs the division of property that is brought into a marriage or acquired by spouses. The Act sets out a formula that dictates how the division is to be calculated, a process called the “equalization of Net Family Property”.

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