Shulman Law Firm’s Holiday Message for 2016

The holidays are full of surprises, which is part of the reason why the final weeks of every year are so magical. Streets and stores are suddenly adorned with lights and decorations, old friends get together for unexpected coffee dates and reminisce on happy memories, and gifts wrapped in beautiful paper make recipients giddy with excitement. The best part is that everyone benefits from holiday surprises, including those who are usually forgotten, marginalized, and hidden.

A good surprise is a great gift to give because it has a positive impact on both the giver and receiver. It provides happiness, and creates a human connection between everyone who is a part of the surprise. Shulman Law Firm found so much joy in surprising others this year. Whether it was helping our clients in ways they never expected, collecting food for families in our community, or doubling our toy donation for the CP24 Chum Christmas Wish foundation from last year, we took deliberate actions to make a difference for others.

This year has been full of surprises, big and small. Some of those surprises made us cheer and celebrate, others shocked and saddened us, but they all played a role in shaping who we are right now. We encourage everyone to surprise someone this holiday season by making a positive difference in their life. Whether that means putting aside extra time to spend with a friend, donating to a local charity, or taking charge of the cooking tomorrow, a little surprise can go a long way.

Happy Holidays!


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