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  • Jun 15 getting out of debt after divorce family law toronto Getting Out Of Debt After Divorce

    Divorce can be expensive, and recovering may take some time and assistance. Aside from the legal costs, you may be required to pay spousal and/or child support. Furthermore, your expenses have probably increased […]

  • Jun 11 how to tell your children about a divorce family law toronto How to Tell Your Children About Your Divorce

    Children, depending on age, will have different capacities to understand divorce. Their views may be influenced by what they have seen through other extended kin and friends, as well as what their experience in […]

  • Jun 06 Don't Forget To Include These Things In Your Budget If You're Newly Divorced Family Law Toronto Key Things New Divorcées Forget To Include When Creating a Budget

    One of the foundations to financial success when going through a divorce is creating and adhering to a budget. Creating a budget is an important starting point, but if you can’t adhere to […]

  • Jun 01 What To Do If You Think Your Ex Has Hired A Private Investigator To Spy On You Family Law Toronto Revenge Is Sweet…But Success Is Better

    Earlier this week I received a phone call from a person who was concerned that their spouse had hired a private investigator to follow them. The caller’s immediate reaction was to get revenge. […]

  • May 29 effects of parental alienation on a child family law Toronto Effects Of Parental Alienation On A Child

    As noted in a previous article, parental alienation (PA) is distinguished from parental alienation syndrome (PAS). The former speaks to the behaviour of a parent towards a child where that parent is engaging […]

  • May 26 Parenting Strategies To Try When Parental Alienation Is An Issue Family Law Toronto Parenting Strategies To Try When Parental Alienation Is An Issue

    Parental alienation refers to the behaviour of one parent that can undermine the other parent’s time and/or relationship with the children. There is a broad range of behaviours and severity. Minor symptoms with […]