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  • May 24 How To Make A Parenting Plan That Accommodates A Young Child

    Child custody is a special area of focus at Shulman Law Firm, and we always strive to resolve child custody issues quickly and strategically to minimize the negative effects that the divorce process […]

  • May 08 Four Books to Help Your Child Understand Divorce

    Divorce is never easy for children. While the parents must cope with loosing a partner, the child is witnessing their family break up, and this can threaten their sense of security and stability. […]

  • Apr 14 Modernizing the Justice System: Q&A with the Attorney General’s Office

    We’ve been hearing about a lot of big changes coming to the Ontario family court system, and we’re optimistic that these new changes will make the system more accessible and less confusing to […]

  • Apr 12 How to Cope If You Are Divorcing Your Business Partner

    Every divorce is different, and while no divorce is ever easy, some are simpler to finalize than others. Spouses who work and own a business together will often find divorce to be a […]

  • Apr 11 Can my ex claim little or no income?

    When a married couple living in Ontario decides to undergo a marital separation, both parties must provide thorough disclosure of all relevant financial information. Known in Family Law as Financial Disclosure, this is […]

  • Mar 10 CPP Credit Splitting – Some Particularities

    It is very difficult to talk about grey divorce without mentioning CPP credits. Couples who are exiting a long-term marriage will usually have made significant contributions to the Canadian Pension Plan, and as […]