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  • Sep 15 Is It Ever Too Late To Get A Post-Nup?

    Most people have heard of a pre-nuptial agreement, and have some idea of how it works. Before getting married, a couple signs a document that addresses how things like assets, liabilities, and spousal […]

  • Sep 07 Top Reasons Why More Couples Are Saying Yes To Pre-Nups

    Pre-nuptial agreements, referred to as marriage contracts in Canada, are always a good idea. Should a married couple decide to separate, the agreement provides instructions as to how to deal with property or […]

  • Aug 24 Co-Parenting And Back-To-School Expenses: Who Pays For What?

    The new school year is fast approaching, and there may be a lot of “firsts” for some divorced parents to figure out, especially if their child is just beginning their academic career or […]

  • Aug 16 Section 7 Expenses: Some Specifics

    We’ve written before about child support in Ontario, and the obligation for every parent to financially support their children. And while parents usually have a general idea about how child support is calculated, […]

  • Aug 09 Is This The Right Thing To Do?

    Deciding to get a divorce can be a scary, confusing and overwhelming process; making the choice is anything but easy. Those currently grappling with this decision may feel even more unsure if they’ve […]

  • Jul 21 How To Move Past The Feeling Of Unfairness After Divorce

    How can s/he just move on after everything s/he put me through? Why does s/he get more time with the kids while I’m here by myself paying more child support? How can s/he […]