how pensions get divided in a divorce family law toronto

In order to understand pension splitting and divorce in Ontario, we have to start with the basics. Pensions are Considered to be Property Under the Ontario Family Law Act, a pension is considered […]

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Breaking up the Family Business

breaking up the family business family law toronto

Most couples who go into business together never dream their relationship will end. But when things unravel, the emotional turmoil is further complicated by the question of what happens to the family company. […]

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Keep Your Divorce off Social Media

keep divorce off social media family law toronto

We all know that what we post on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter is public. And as much as we’d like to truly delete some of our posts, comments and shares, […]

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FAQ – Where is Shulman Law Firm Located?

where is shulman law firm located family law toronto

Toronto, as with any sprawling metropolis, can give the appearance of being much more compact than it is. Many people think of Toronto as merely consisting of the downtown core, a city along […]

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