Is It Ever Too Late To Get A Post-Nup?

Not too late for a post nuptial agreement family law toronto

Most people have heard of a pre-nuptial agreement, and have some idea of how it works. Before getting married, a couple signs a document that addresses how things like assets, liabilities, and spousal […]

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Section 7 Expenses: Some Specifics

Section seven expenses family law toronto

We’ve written before about child support in Ontario, and the obligation for every parent to financially support their children. And while parents usually have a general idea about how child support is calculated, […]

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Is This The Right Thing To Do?

How to know if divorce is the right thing to do family law toronto

Deciding to get a divorce can be a scary, confusing and overwhelming process; making the choice is anything but easy. Those currently grappling with this decision may feel even more unsure if they’ve […]

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