Do I Have to Pay Child Support?

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All children are legally entitled to financial support from their parents. This is the case regardless of whether the parents were married or whether the pregnancy was planned. This means the child-support obligation […]

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Marriage Contracts and the LGBTQ+ Community

June is Pride Month. This is when we put focus on the strengths, challenges and societal role of the LGBTQ+ community. Many strides have been made over the years. Among them is the recognition of […]

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It’s Father’s Day & You’re Separated

father's day

It’s Father’s Day and we love to celebrate all the amazing father figures in our lives. But this special day that comes so easily to some families may be more complicated for others. […]

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Progress: Genuine Pride In The LGTBQ+ Community


June, a month known to the majority of Canadians as the transition month between spring and summer. The month of t-shirts, BBQs, graduation ceremonies, and summer break. However, to roughly just over 1 […]

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