Illness and It’s Impact on Co-Parenting

Co-parenting Advice Article By Shulman Law Firm

Even in the best of co-parenting relationships, illness can be the wrench that sets things off orbit. That illness can be of the child or parent. It can be minor or more severe. […]

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Virtual Court: Pros and Cons

Virtual Court

The COVID-19 pandemic is finally starting to subside. Things are opening up again. The world is getting back to normal.   The Ontario Family Courts are among those institutions that are now reopened. In fact, there […]

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Can a Cottage be a "Matrimonial Home"?

Pack your bags and dust off those Muskoka chairs because cottage season is finally here! As we speak, people are eagerly prepping for the Victoria Day long weekend, no doubt ready for three […]

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Getting Caught In An Unenforceable Boundary

Often in family law, we see contracts between parties that are not always brokered by counsel, acceptable, or in some cases even legal. Until reviewed by legal counsel, these “contracts” or “agreements” are […]

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Will I Get to Keep my RSPs After a Divorce?


You have worked hard to sock away cash for retirement for many years.  It may not have occurred to you that finalizing your divorce might include parting with some or all your RSPs.  […]

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