Shulman Law Firm’s: Guide to Separation Agreements

Our FREE Inheritance Protection Guide Includes:

  • The Importance of Marriage Contracts
  • How to Begin the Conversation
  • Responsibilities of the Parent
  • Getting a Marriage Contract
  • Ensuring a Marriage Contract is Binding
  • Specifics and Key Points

Manage your divorce on your own terms

You don’t have to let a judge make the important decisions regarding your divorce. Follow Shulman’s Guide to Separation Agreements and manage your divorce on your own terms.

  • Section 1 - What Is A Separation Agreement?
    Learn about the benefits of having a well-crafted agreement.
  • Section 2 - Are Separation Agreements Mandatory?
    Basic recommendations.
  • Section 3 - The Difference Between A Strong And Weak Agreement.
    What differentiates a strong agreement from a weak one.
  • Section 4 - Why A DYI Agreement May Not Be The Best Option.
    Attempting a do-it-yourself agreement can be risky.
  • Section 5 - Importance Of Having A Lawyer Review Your Agreement.
    A professional will help you understand what may and will happen.
  • Section 6 - Things To Include In Your Separation Agreement.
    Listing what to include in your agreement.
  • Section 7 - Amending A Separation Agreement.
    How to go about making changes to your agreement.
  • Section 8 - Conclusion
    Final points.