In The Media

When family law becomes a topic of public interest, our lawyers always join the conversation.

Agreeing To Disagree On Cohabs

Joanne Stewart hesitates a little then utters the words she’s been searching for to describe a segment of clients she’s seeing come through her door lately:

Time For Contingency Fees In Family Law?

Ending Ontario’s ban on contingency fees in family law cases is probably not the best way to help people who are unable to afford counsel, some Ontario family lawyers say.

Family Law Updated To Catch Up To Hryniak

Expanded powers to make findings on summary judgment are coming to the family law courts as newly amended rules catch up to the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Hryniak v. Mauldin.

Grey Divorce Is All About The Math

A few years ago Steven Benmor found himself in divorce court representing an 82-year-old client seeking to end a long-term marriage.

Insurance For Support Claims A Hard Sell

Providing security for support obligations through the use of life insurance is a common practice many lawyers and their clients give little thought to.

Keeping Calm When Client Is Not

Every lawyer has picked up the phone to hear a panicky voice on the other end and thought about the question they would soon have to answer - should they take them on as a client, or pass because they’re not worth the headache?