Shulman Law Firm’s: Guide to Inheritance Protection

The repercussions of divorce are often only fully understood once it’s happening, and many parents are not aware that the family inheritance they leave for their child could be lost should the child’s marriage break down. That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive Inheritance Protection Guide for parents who intend to leave their child a family business, home or other significant assets.

Our FREE Inheritance Protection Guide Includes:

  • The Importance of Marriage Contracts
  • How to Begin the Conversation
  • Responsibilities of the Parent
  • Getting a Marriage Contract
  • Ensuring a Marriage Contract is Binding
  • Specifics and Key Points

The protection guide will teach you about several important topics including the importance of marriage contracts, how to begin the conversation about protecting family assets with your child, and how to ensure a marriage contract is binding and enforceable.

Don’t risk losing what you’ve worked so hard for. Follow Shulman’s Inheritance Protection Guide and keep your assets in the family.


Don’t Risk Losing What You’ve Worked So Hard For

Any parent who is planning to give their child a small business, a family home, a large sum of money or other financial assets can benefit from this Inheritance Protection Guide. Preview the contents below:

  • Section 1 - Marriage Contracts
    When to have the talk with your child.
  • Section 2 - Assets & Divorce
    Why might divorce compromise our family assets?
  • Section 3 - Common Mistakes
    Common mistakes and what to watch out for.
  • Section 4 - Having the Conversation
    How to make the conversation with your child easier.
  • Section 5 - Responsibilities of the Parent
    Protecting an inheritance is a joint effort.
  • Section 6 - The Process
    The process of getting a marriage contract.
  • Section 7 - Some Specifics
    Some specifics about marriage contracts.
  • Section 8 - Key Points
    Some key things to take away from the guide.