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I recently inherited from my mom a large sum of money, and 3 months later my wife asked for separation. Saying years of mental abuse and wants to separate. She also has a new guy friend (family friend… ) that she is spending great deal of time with, with me being allowed to be there at same time. Does she have rights to the money? Can I give the money back to my mom or family member? What happens to that money if we file for separation or divorce, is she entitled to my inheritance?

September 28, 2021

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No, your wife is not entitled to any inheritance you have received directly from your mom during your marriage.  Under the Ontario Family Law Act, certain things will be automatically excluded from your list of assets that are subject to division and equalization, if you and your wife divorce.  Inheritances received during marriage are among them, and its value is calculated as of the date of separation.  You don’t need to go to the trouble of returning the inheritance or transferring to another family member (under a trust, for example).

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