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My wife of 12 years cheated and left. We have two children and have been separated 3 years. I spent 12 grand on an agreement that she won’t sign. A year ago she retained a lawyer and they asked for financial disclosure. I have not responded and nothing has happened in a year other than the pandemic. Should I send disclosure to her lawyer? If I fill it out wrong will I get a chance to correct it before trial?

July 30, 2021

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When undergoing a divorce, both spouses have a clear, comprehensive, and continuing duty to provide financial disclosure to each other.  This duty is not alleviated by the fact that your wife may be currently unwilling to sign an agreement – in fact, it’s the next important step towards having to litigate your disputes through the court system, since it seems that you will be unable to reach an agreement otherwise.

Despite the delay, you should indeed provide full disclosure to your wife’s lawyer as soon as possible.  You should fill it out to the best of your ability (and you should consider hiring your own lawyer to assist with that task).  If it is incorrect in any respect, you will certainly have a chance to correct it, and in any even you have a legal obligation to update it regularly in the time leading up to trial.

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