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Prenup Doesnt Need To Be A Bad Word

Prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich and famous anymore. Diana Isaac of Shulman Law Firm explains why more people are signing this contract before they say "I do", and answers questions she's asked most often when a couple has decided to call it quits.

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Parenting Terms Changing In Family Law Lexicon

Using a term like 'parenting time' as opposed to 'access' is not only more positive, but also more accurate, explains associate lawyer Katherine Robinson. It’s a better reflection of what’s actually happening when a parent is caring for their child.

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Parents Be Aware When Gifting Money to Children

With house prices sky rocketing and interest rates on the rise, many parents are stepping in to help their adult children to purchase homes. Diana Isaac of Shulman Law Firm weighs in what parents should be aware of when gifting money to adult children.

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How Parents Can Keep Gift Payments Safe

Last year, Mr. Smith (whose last name has been changed) was given a $25,000 gift from his mother to buy a house in the Greater Toronto Area. Since then, he proposed to his girlfriend and the couple plan to get married and move into it next year.

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Protecting Assets When Entering A Relationship

Protecting one’s financial assets isn’t something many single people think of doing before entering into a relationship. However, if money and property are on the line, it should be something singletons consider if they plan on getting married one day, lawyers who specialize in family law suggest.

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When Should A Parent Request Change In Custody

Laura Paris, associate lawyer at Shulman Law Firm, gives her legal opinion about a specific case involving a father who now wants access to his daughter after finding out she is regularly participating in beauty pageants.

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