Our Advantage: What to Expect?

Our lawyers practice exclusively in the area family and divorce law. This specialized focus allows us to develop the highest level of expertise in the field and to be well equipped to deal with any situation that may arise both promptly and effectively.
Our lawyers are often quoted by media sources such as National Post and Lawyers’ Weekly and we pride ourselves on our client testimonials.
Our lawyers are approachable and accessible. Our office phones are answered and phone calls are returned promptly. Our lawyers and staff are committed to keeping our clients informed of progress. If a lawyer is busy or in Court, there is always a backup lawyer who would assist. This team approach is one of our greatest strengths.
Our work and billings are fully transparent to our clients. Clients receive a copy of all work completed on their files and are always welcome to come in and discuss any step of the process with their lawyer.
No hidden fees:
There are no hidden fees or charges; our bills are clear and fully detailed and our estimates and retainers are always in writing. We are upfront and direct about situations where a firm estimate cannot be given (such as complex court proceedings). Our financial administrator is always available to discuss flexible payment arrangements. This allows our lawyers to do what they do best – focus on your case.
At the initial consultation we will explain how the law applies to your particular case. We will then identify your options and discuss the most effective strategy in your matter. Having an initial plan of action is crucial to achieving some level of stability and predictability in these uncertain times. When you leave our offices you will know where you stand and feel confident that our firm has the experience and the skill to resolve your matter and obtain the necessary results.
We are multilingual, and are able to assist our clients in a variety of languages including French, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Katchi, Gujrati, Jini and Urdu.


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