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Mirna’s Story

Did you know that you were going to be promoted? How? 

M: There was a new job offered at the firm as a client intake specialist, and the administrative team had the opportunity to apply for it. I inquired more about it and what it entailed, and then I applied. I had to go through training for about four weeks and then I was approved by Ron and the management team to receive the promotion. 

What was the first thing you thought when you received the promotion 

M: I was thrilled to know that I was prompted. I love new opportunities, new experiences and continuous learning; that’s what makes us better people. This reflects on the firm’s growth and improvement. 

What are you most excited about with this promotion? 

M: The most exciting thing for me about my promotion is the continuous learning and ability to work closely with Ron Shulman. He is a great role model to learn from. His door is always open! (Also to be part of the marketing team.)   

What do you think will be the most challenging part? 

M: The most challenging part is dealing with difficult and highly emotional clients while keeping it professional. Clients from all walks of life contact the firm for advice! Some clients can also be very emotional and can even be crying on the phone. Being there for them and guiding them about what to do for their initial step to deal with what they are facing is rewarding. 

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