Ruhaina Dhirani - Family lawyer - Divorce Law specialist

New Lawyer

A huge congratulations to our newest lawyer: Ruhaina! Ruhaina passed the bar on January 25th, after a career journey of 11 years. This has been a dream of hers since she was a child and we are so honoured to have been part of her path to becoming a lawyer. Ruhaina has always been an important part of the team. She was previously a law clerk, then an articling student at the firm. Early this year she was sworn in with Managing Partner, Ron Shulman and Partner, Diana Isaac at a COVID-19 safe event.

The whole team was able to watch the event through a video meeting. Ruhaina is brilliant, hard-working, and dedicated to her field. A great way to start the year: reaching a career goal! We had no doubt of her ability to succeed and are so excited to see what wonderful work she will do. 

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