Knowledge Base: Property Division

Gifts You Received While Married – Can You Keep Them After Divorce?

Ontario Family Law has well-legislated rules about how family property gets divided after divorce.    But as with most rules, there are exceptions – and one of them pertains to gifts that you or […]

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Ask Ron: "Does My Ex Get Half My House?"

A reader of my Blog recently posed the following question: Q.  If my marriage lasted less than 6 months, is my Ex-wife entitled to half of my house?   She does not have a […]

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Which Court Handles a Divorce Between “Snowbirds”?

As the colder weather starts to descend upon us here in Ontario many couples – particularly older, retired folk often with some accumulated wealth – start making plans to spend the cold Canadian […]

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Common Misconceptions About the Matrimonial Home

Correcting Common Misconceptions About the Matrimonial Home

With the ease of internet searching, it is all-to-easy for my clients to get information – and frequently misinformation – about basic Family Law concepts. Respecting the matrimonial home in particular, here are […]

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Deadlines for Claiming Your Legal Rights

Don’t Delay! There Are Deadlines for Claiming Your Legal Rights

If  you and your spouse decide to separate and divorce, you become understandably pre-occupied with establishing your new post-divorce lives, and of course with tending to the needs of your children. This means that […]

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Can a Cottage be a Matrimonial Home

Can a Cottage be a "Matrimonial Home"?

Cottage season is fast approaching.   I sometimes get asked about vacation properties and how they are dealt with upon separation and divorce. As I have written before, a couple’s “matrimonial home” is a […]

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