Can my ex take half my house?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Property DivisionCan my ex take half my house?
AvatarAnonymous asked 8 months ago

Can my ex take half my house?

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AvatarRosemary Bocska Staff answered 5 months ago

The answer is usually “yes”, but it’s not quite that cut-and-dried. It’s true that if you and your ex were formally married, then under Ontario family law the matrimonial home is given special status when you split up, regardless of how long the marriage lasted. It’s  irrelevant whether you brought the home into the marriage, and how title to it is currently held. Different rules apply to common law (i.e. unmarried, cohabiting) couples, however.

Your ex will not get half the house, but rather will be entitled to half the value of the matrimonial home you brought into the marriage, subject to adjustments that are governed by legislation and the embedded policy considerations.  Although the law sees marriage as a partnership, it does make adjustments in cases where an equal division would be unfair in your circumstances.

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