Can I file for divorce online?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Legal ProcessCan I file for divorce online?
AvatarKB asked 7 months ago

Can I file for divorce online?

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AvatarRosemary Bocska Staff answered 5 months ago

Yes! If you are planning to divorce and both you and your ex meet certain eligibility requirements, it is possible to file for divorce online.

To be able to take advantage of this option, both you and your ex must:

  • Have lived in Ontario for at least one year prior to filing your online application;
  • Be separated for at least one year;
  • Have been married in Canada, or have an electronically-issued marriage certificate from another country (not a scanned copy);
  • Agree to divorce;
  • Be willing and able to sign court documents;
  • Swear to the truth of the documents in front of a notary public or a commissioner for taking affidavits;
  • Have already addressed and resolved any family law issues between you (such as spousal or child support, and the division of property); and
  • Not require a waiver of the customary fee.

Naturally, you and your ex must file certain prescribed Divorce Application forms, along with a copy of the marriage certificate and other required information. Currently, the cost to file online is $447, payable by credit card or debit.

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