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All families are equal act a step in the right direction family law toronto

The All Families Are Equal Act A Big Step In The Right Direction, But Some Key Questions Remain

Last November, Ontario made a big change to its parentage laws when it passed Bill 28, the All Families Are Equal Act. Bill 28 attempts to ensure equal recognition for all parents, regardless […]

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What has changed same sex divorce family law toronto

Same-Sex Divorce For Non-Residents In Canada: What Has Changed

In a previous article, we wrote about the difficulties same-sex non-residents experienced when trying to obtain a divorce both in Canada, and in their home country. Many same-sex couples who lived in countries […]

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How same sex marriage became legal in canada family law toronto

How same-sex marriage became legal in Canada

As the 150th anniversary of Confederation approaches, many Canadians are taking this opportunity to reflect on how much we’ve developed as a nation, and how much growing we still have to do. Family […]

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Same-Sex Divorce for Non-Residents

Same-Sex Divorce for Non-Residents – The Law in a State of Flux

In Canada, same-sex marriage was legalized more than a decade ago, under the federal Civil Marriage Act, S.C. 2005, c. 33.   Since then, many same-sex couples from other countries have come to Canada […]

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Foreign Same-Sex Divorce

Can a Foreign Same-Sex Couple Get a Divorce in Canada?

In Family Law, it perhaps goes without saying that in order to get divorce, a couple must be married first.   But the question of whether a same-sex couple’s “marriage” in another country was […]

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