Knowledge Base: Spousal Support

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If you are a separated or divorcing spouse who happens to have a business to run, the task of untangling of your personal financial affairs may involve considerations related to your business dealings […]

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what you and celebrities have in common canadian divorce law family law toronto

What Do You, and Celebrities, Have in Common?

A recent news article chronicled the fact that two Canadian music celebrities – namely Neil Young and Avril Lavigne – had both ended their marriages in the past month. In the case of […]

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Flawed Settlement Count

Does a Flawed Settlement Count?

In Family Law, it’s always a good idea to settle as many of your legal points of contention as possible.  This saves the time, expense and cost of litigating those issues. But what […]

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Supporting a Grandchild – Should it be Factored into Support Obligations?

As I have written many times before, in Ontario family law Ex-spouses have an obligation to financially support one another, and level and direction of flow of that support will depend on numerous […]

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What's in the FRO's Enforcement Arsenal?

As we have discussed in a prior article, in Ontario the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) is tasked with assisting child and spousal support recipients whose former spouses have defaulted or fallen behind on […]

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If You Quit Work for Health Reasons, Are You Off the Hook for Support?

As many of you already know from our previous articles on spousal support, your obligation to pay support is tied to several important factors – among them your Ex’s need for support, together […]

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