How To Start A Divorce In Ontario

How To Start A Divorce In Ontario Family Law Toronto

Under Canadian law, getting a divorce is a formal legal process: It involves following specified procedures, filling out certain forms, and taking specific legal steps. Only once these are all completed can you […]

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Fighting For Sole Custody – Is It Worth It? Find out!

Fighting For Sole Custody Family Law Toronto

Before fighting for something, it is important to understand what you are fighting for. From this perspective, “custody” is often a misunderstood term. Custody refers to decision-making authority. When parents share in decision-making […]

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Why Custody Doesn’t Matter

Why Custody Doesn't Matter Family Law Toronto

When a marriage between spouses who are parents ends, ideally the focus will be on minimizing that turmoil and upheaval as it affects the child. One of the key issues arising upon separation […]

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Custody vs. Residency – Is There A Difference In Ontario?

Parents in Ontario often misunderstand the difference between “custody” and “residency”, and they may (incorrectly) use the terms interchangeably.  This is understandable, because these words have common and somewhat-similar meanings in everyday conversation. […]

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