Divorcing A Narcissist

Divorcing A Narcissist Family Law Toronto

Although the number of persons in this situation are statistically low, situations involving a narcissist are among the most challenging. A narcissist is someone who has an idiosyncratic view of the world and […]

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How To Be A Good Stepparent

How To Be A Good Stepparent Family Law Toronto

Being a stepparent is not easy. Once separated or divorced, biological parents are not romantically involved and do not see themselves as a couple beyond the parenting relationship. They do however see themselves […]

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When Criminal Law And Family Law Intersect

When Criminal Law And Family Law Intersect Toronto

There is no doubt that family law disputes between parents can be acrimonious. Sometimes – usually around separation or soon after – tempers flare to the point where one parent assaults or threatens […]

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Is My Ex Brainwashing My Child?

is my ex brainwashing my child family law toronto

Common these days is the battle cry of Parental Alienation. However, also common is parents sharing things with their kids that while not appropriate, doesn’t rise to the level of parental alienation. The […]

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