Why Does My Child Not Want To Speak To Me?

Why Does My Child Not Want To Speak To Me Family Law Toronto

Sometimes separated parents are faced with the situation of a child not wanting to talk with a parent. These are frequently challenging and upsetting situations. It is not uncommon for one parent to […]

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A Nasty Divorce from the Child’s Eyes

a nasty divorce family law toronto

Ever wonder what the child’s experience of divorce may be? It is important to remember, behavior speak and at times, louder than words. This is particularly true at times of exchange. This is […]

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Surrogacy Sparks Some Strange Legal Scenarios

surrogacy sparks some strange legal scenarios family law toronto

Last week I gave you the basics on the Canadian laws relating to surrogacy;  this week, I wanted to illustrate some of the unusual and conceptually-tricky situations that may arise in even the […]

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