Surrogacy in Canada

surrogacy in canada family law toronto

A recent article in The Economist magazine discussed the upsurge in Britain of surrogacy arrangements, and the legal and practical difficulties that can arise.    While surrogacy is legal in Britain, the article ends […]

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Helping Kids Understand Divorce Law

helping kids understand divorce law family law toronto

Divorce can be difficult for everyone, but it is always the most difficult for children:  they are not only vulnerable emotionally, but are often too young to understand the legal and practical implications […]

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Making Transitions Easier for Children

making transitions easier for children after a divorce family law toronto

The process of seeing his or her parents separate and divorce is traumatic for a child even under the best conditions (and few divorce scenarios involve the “best conditions” anyway).  This is because […]

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Do Children Have a Direct Right of Support?

Readers of this blog will be familiar with one of the basic principles of Ontario Family Law which dictates that every child is legally entitled to financial support from their parents.   Practically speaking, […]

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