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does my child need counselling family law toronto

Does My Child Need Counselling to Help With My Divorce?

More often than not, the better that parents can manage themselves during the divorce process, the better the child will be able to handle the divorce, and adjust to their new living situations. […]

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change your passwords after a divorce family law toronto

Three Good Examples Of Why You Should Change Your Passwords After A Separation

It’s good to ask “why,” especially when you find yourself in unfamiliar situations. But the information you receive will only be useful if you apply it. Sometimes I make suggestions for a client to […]

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A Child's Imaginary Wish List to Their Divorcing Parents Family Law Toronto

A Child’s Imaginary Wish List To Their Divorcing Parents

Children can have a multitude of feelings with regard to their divorcing parents’ relationship, and the divorce itself. Just because a child doesn’t share or may even deny having any views or feelings, […]

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living common law family law Toronto

How long should we live together, to be common law in Ontario?

Common-law relationships are those that don’t involve any sort of formal marriage ceremony. They are established once you and your partner having been living together (or cohabiting) for a length of time. If […]

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assets safe from divorce family law toronto

Assets That Are “Safe” From Divorce

There are very few savings, assets or investments that are not subject to division during a divorce, but they do exist. How proactive you are in addressing some of these items today will […]

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