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Post Separation Parenting Terms Family Law Toronto

Post-Separation Parenting Terms

Okay, so you are separating. Now, how are you going to take care of the kids between you as separated parents? There are multiple terms and concepts which, depending on whether or not […]

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Hidden Treasures Unexpected Asset Search Discoveries Family Law Toronto

Hidden Treasures: Unexpected Asset Search Discoveries

Every asset search investigation is unique in the way that it is conducted, the rules of the jurisdiction in which the search takes place, and in the results yielded. While the majority of […]

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Cannabis and Parenting Family Law Toronto

Cannabis and Parenting

Even though cannabis use has been legalized in Canada, it still remains controversial and creates concern for some separated parents. Issues for some parents include: 1. A permissive or open attitude towards drug […]

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Permanent or Term Life Insurance Family Law Toronto

Permanent or Term Life Insurance?

Last month, I discussed the importance of life insurance after a divorce. This month I will discuss the two major types of life insurance: term and permanent. At first glance, term may seem […]

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OCL Versus Section 30 Assessment Whats The Difference Family Law Toronto

OCL Versus Section 30 Assessment: What’s The Difference?

OCL stands for Office of the Children’s lawyer. The OCL is an official governmental agency that can appoint lawyers and/or clinical investigators to ascertain the views and/or best interests of children, children of […]

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