Nothing but Success in the Court System

I found myself in a lengthy family custody battle and I represented myself. That was my first mistake. I found that I had dug myself in an extremely deep hole as I was not truly prepared to deal with all the angles. I met with yourself at your office and explained my situation. I had the feeling that you had a complete handle of what had taken place and had a course of action ready to initiate the moment I gave you the go ahead.

To say we had an uphill battle (as I no longer had a voice in the court system) was an understatement. Meticulously you got me out of the hole I fell into. Since retaining your services I have had nothing but success in the court system. You and your staff have always conducted themselves in the highest levels of professionalism. I only wish I would have acquired your services from the very beginning.

I thank you for all the help and support you and your staff have provided me over the last year.

Greg - Brampton


Primary Lawyer:
Ron Shulman