Shulman Law Firm’s: Guide to Separation Agreements

Divorce can be overwhelming, but there are things you can do, such as creating a separation agreement, to simplify the process. There are numerous benefits to having a well-crafted separation agreement, and we will explain what those benefits are in this comprehensive guide.

Our FREE Guide to Separation Agreements Includes:

  • The Difference Between a Strong and Weak Separation Agreement.
  • Why a DYI Separation Agreement may not be the Best Option for You.
  • The Importance of Having a Lawyer Review Your Separation Agreement.
  • Things to Include in Your Separation Agreement.
  • Amending a Separation Agreement.

This guide will teach you about important topics including which issues can be addressed in a separation agreement, how to make an agreement that protects both parties’ interests, and how to ensure your separation agreement is binding and enforceable.


Manage your divorce on your own terms

You don’t have to let a judge make the important decisions regarding your divorce. Follow Shulman’s Guide to Separation Agreements and manage your divorce on your own terms.

  • Section 1 - What Is A Separation Agreement?
    Learn about the benefits of having a well-crafted agreement.
  • Section 2 - Are Separation Agreements Mandatory?
    Basic recommendations.
  • Section 3 - The Difference Between A Strong And Weak Agreement.
    What differentiates a strong agreement from a weak one.
  • Section 4 - Why A DYI Agreement May Not Be The Best Option.
    Attempting a do-it-yourself agreement can be risky.
  • Section 5 - Importance Of Having A Lawyer Review Your Agreement.
    A professional will help you understand what may and will happen.
  • Section 6 - Things To Include In Your Separation Agreement.
    Listing what to include in your agreement.
  • Section 7 - Amending A Separation Agreement.
    How to go about making changes to your agreement.
  • Section 8 - Conclusion
    Final points.