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Child Custody

Going through a child custody dispute is difficult and painful. Situations may escalate quickly and with little warning. Although our lawyers exclusively practice family law in Ontario, child custody is a special area of focus within our firm. Such disputes require unique monitoring and guidance from our lawyers to ensure that potential escalations are prevented and that necessary reaction is swift, yet professional. Our lawyers have a track record of providing excellent guidance, being accessible, and achieving results.
Child Custody Lawyer
Child Custody Lawyer
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Attaining a desirable result in a child custody dispute is always a delicate balance of tenacity, strategy and humility. There is absolutely no substitute for experience and skill when it comes to choosing a lawyer to deal with your child custody issues. Our knowledge, skill, experience and passion set us apart. Call to discuss your matter with one of our lawyers and see firsthand how our services can assist you.

Booking a consultation with our lawyers to answer your questions regarding a child custody matter is quite simple. Either call the office to book the consultation at 416-661-2777 or use the online form to request a prompt call back.

Looking for general information, and not ready to book an appointment yet? We have provided some articles dealing with child custody and support that you may find interesting.

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Information About Lawyer Fees

In most cases, our fees are based on an hourly rate, which means that the total cost of the work will depend on the amount of work we will need to do.