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Looking for information about family law that you can understand? You came to the right place.
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Guide to Separation Agreements

Learn more about the benefits of having a well-crafted separation agreement.

Guide to Spousal Support

Learn more about spousal support and what your obligations may be.

Guide to Child Support in Ontario

Addressing the questions that parents ask most frequently when it comes to support.

Guide to Child Custody and Access

Gain a preliminary understanding of the different types of custody and access.

Guide to Alternative Dispute Resolution

Understand how ADR works and which methods may best cater to your needs.

Guide to Choosing a Family Lawyer

There are dozens of qualified lawyers to choose from, but not every lawyer will be right for you.

Guide to Divorce in Ontario

A comprehensive guide to divorce that will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Guide to Common Law Relationships

The goal of this guide is to educate you about common-law relationships in Ontario.

Is My Family Law Matter Complex?

As with many things, there are different degrees of complexity when addressing family law issues. 

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