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You’re looking for information, and we have plenty to share. We understand that going through a divorce can be an emotional time, and we are here to help alleviate any concerns while we guide you through the process. We’ve gathered a comprehensive list of free resources on separation, divorce, and a variety of crucial family law subjects. Our materials are grouped around key topics to help navigate our page, so you can zone-in on what you want to know more about. From our Podcast to our free Guides, we have the answers you are looking for!


Knowledge Base Articles

With hundreds of articles covering topics from what to expect when starting a family law matter to how assets are split, our Knowledge Base Articles are here to provide you with extensive resources.


Shulman Answers

Our family lawyers are always ready to share their expertise. In our Shulman Answers series, our family law experts sit down to answer your frequently asked questions and dive in deeper to important topics that arise during Family Law Matters.

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Are you hoping for more in-depth information about specific family law processes? Download one of our free guides and teach yourself what to expect during your family law matter.

Is My Family Law Matter Complex?

As with many things, there are different degrees of complexity when addressing family law issues. 

Guide to Separation Agreements

Learn more about the benefits of having a well-crafted separation agreement.

Guide to Spousal Support

Learn more about spousal support and what your obligations may be.

Guide to Child Support in Ontario

Addressing the questions that parents ask most frequently when it comes to support.
53 - Features - Guides


In The Family Law Insider, Family Law Expert and Shulman & Partner’s Associate Lawyer, Laura Paris, unravels the intricate twists and turns of family law in Ontario. No family law topic is too complex or off limits. We are here to de-mystify and give listeners the insider knowledge.

When travel & divorce collide

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When to involve the family lawyer

What to Know Before You Tie the Knot

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