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Is mediation legally binding?

July 19, 2019

Solved3.40K viewsAlternative Dispute Resolution

Is mediation legally binding?

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Mediation is binding if it results in a written agreement between you and your ex – and only after each of you has obtained independent advice from a lawyer. However, the process itself is voluntary.

It involves using an individual who is trained to help you and your ex resolve your divorce-related issues privately through negotiation, without having to go to court. It is a less acrimonious, and more cost-effective way to potentially settle at least some of your disputed issues.

Those issues can include the division of your property, support entitlements, and custody of/access to your children. The mediator does not actually make decisions or give legal advice; he or she merely facilitates the issue-resolution process which forms the basis of the agreement. Any issues you and your ex can’t resolve by mediation can still be addressed through court.

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