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Shulman & Partners' Guide to Child Custody and Access

For parents who are going through a separation or divorce, the issue of who gets custody and access of a child will be a significant one. To help them make the best decisions for their child during this difficult and emotional time, we’ve created a guide that addresses the most important questions regarding custody and access.

Our FREE Child Custody Guide Includes:

  • What Is Child Custody and What Is Access
  • What Courts Consider in Making Custody Awards
  • Making Changes to Custody and Access Arrangements
  • Creating a Parenting Plan
  • Keys to Successful Co-Parenting

This guide will help you gain a preliminary understanding of the different types of custody and access, how parenting plans are created and changed, and what will be expected of you as a co-parent.


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Make Informed Decisions

Making informed decisions about custody and access won’t just benefit you, it will make a big difference for your child, too.

  1. What is Child Custody and What is Access?
  2. What Courts Consider.
  3. Different Types of Custody and Access.
  4. Child Support is Not Connected to Access.
  5. Does the Child Have a Say?
  6. Changes to Custody and Access Arrangements.
  7. Parenting Plans.
  8. Keys to Successful Co-Parenting.