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Our Free Divorce Guide Can Help You Gain Clarity And Confidence

The process of divorce can be overwhelming. Unfamiliar legal terms, new procedures and foreign documents add to the stress and frustration you are already experiencing. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to divorce that will walk you through the divorce process step-by-step, hopefully unveiling the mystery that seems to surround it.

Our FREE Divorce Guide Includes:

  • Seeking Legal Advice.
  • The Process of Negotiation.
  • Commencing Litigation.
  • Motions.
  • Settlement Meetings.
  • Going to Trial.

The topics contained within this guide are not limited to those listed above. With this free guide to divorce, we walk you through each step; from when you first seek information up until your divorce order has been signed.


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A Definite and Comprehensive Guide to Divorce in Ontario

We want to help you gain a clearer understanding of the laws and processes that regulate divorce in Ontario. After reading this guide, you should feel more confident about moving forward with your case. Preview the steps below:

  1. Initial Stages
    Outlining the process of deciding to separate and temporary negotiations.
  2. Getting Advice
    Hiring your lawyer and developing an appropriate strategy.
  3. Financial Disclosure
    Explaining what financial disclosure is, why it's necessary, and how you can fulfill this obligation.
  4. Negotiation
    The process of attemptong to resolve division of assets, custody and support issues between you and your ex.
  5. Commencing Litigation
    Explaining and definining applications, answers and replies.
  6. Mandatory Information Meeting
    Describing the Mandatory Information Program, and why it is necessary in the divorce process.
  7. The Case Conference
    Explaining what a case conference is, what you have to prepare and what happens at a case conference.
  8. Motions
    Defining motions and explaing what happens after one has been heard.
  9. Productions and Discovery
    Answering the questions: What is Discovery and what happens during discovery?
  10. The Settlement Conference
    Explaining what a settlement conference is, what you can do to prepare for one.
  11. The Trial
    If you and your ex do not resolve your issues prior to this point, here is what you need to know.