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Shulman & Partners': Guide to Spousal Support

A marriage is not only an emotional partnership, but a financial one as well. As spouses, both people have an obligation to support each other, and that obligation may continue even if the marriage ends. We’ve received countless questions about spousal support because it is such a prevalent family law issue, so we’ve designed a comprehensive guide to help clear up common misconceptions surrounding this issue.

Our FREE Guide to Spousal Support includes:

  • What is the Purpose of Spousal Support
  • Who Can Get Spousal Support
  • Who Is Obligated to Pay For Spousal Support
  • Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines
  • Time Limits For Claiming Spousal Support

Our Spousal Support Guide will help you learn more about who is responsible for paying spousal support, how payments are calculated, and what your obligations to pay spousal support may be.


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Get What You Deserve

When you understand what you are entitled to, it’s easier to take the proper steps to get what you deserve.

  1. What is Spousal Support?
  2. What is the Purpose of Spousal Support?
  3. Who can get Spousal Support?
  4. The Conceptual Basis for Support Orders.
  5. The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines.
  6. Time Limits for Claiming Spousal Support.
  7. High Income-Earners and the Obligation to Pay.
  8. Adjusting Spousal Support Payments.