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Can I bring someone with me to my meetings with my lawyer?

Technically, this is possible.  However it is strongly discouraged.

First of all, if you are considering a separation or divorce from your current spouse or partner, you should not bring him or her to any in-person appointment with your lawyer to get legal advice. It is vital that you and your soon-to-be Ex each have independent legal advice; this must start from the initial decision to part ways, and continue right through to the process of resolving your various issues relating to your finances and child care and support.

Next, even if you are considering bringing a friend or family member to a meeting with your lawyer, it is not recommended. This remains true even if it is simply a first consultation, and certainly includes later stages when you have hired the lawyer to represent you.  The integrity of the legal process – and your particular experience with the Family Law process – hinges on your having a good relationship with your lawyer, one where you can speak candidly.  This likely cannot take place if you do not feel free to speak because your friend or family member is in the room.  Or, he or she may be overbearing or opinionated, and may try to “take the reins” for you on the meeting or on the matter as a whole. They may try to do this out of care and concern for you, but this is to be strenuously avoided.

Finally, in either scenario, the presence of anyone else in the meeting with your lawyer could also trigger complex legal issues around lawyer/client privilege, which again must be avoided for your own protection.

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