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Can you apply for a divorce online?

Yes, in Ontario you can apply for two kinds of divorce online:  1) A joint divorce, where you and your Ex both agree to the divorce itself, and you have resolved all of the related legal issues that may arise; and 2) a simple divorce, where you apply without your Ex participating, but where you are not seeking any other remedies like support (i.e. you just want the court to declare the divorce with no corollary orders made).

If you are eligible, the benefits of an online divorce application are numerous:  You can avoid having to participate in court hearings and mediation sessions.  You can avoid hiring a lawyer entirely, or can retain one merely to give you legal advice at the outset. You can keep your costs down.

There are really no downsides, if you qualify.  Essentially, you can sever your legal union through an administrative process.

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