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If I file for a contempt order, how do I relate to the judges what I need to protect my son’s and my right to a parenting order?

As the courts themselves have repeatedly emphasized:  Court orders are intended to be complied with.  A contempt order is one of the mechanisms by which you can ensure that any prior order that you have obtained against your Ex are followed and enforced.  It formally paves the way for you to be able to take advantage of various enforcement mechanisms and penalties.

As part of your application for a contempt order against your Ex (whether it relates to a prior parenting order or otherwise), you will have to file materials with the court.  These will include:  1) a copy of the original order; 2) an explanation of how your Ex fell short of meeting his or her obligations under that prior order; and 3) the specific remedies that you would like a court to grant you in light of your Ex’s contempt.  It is at this stage that you can relate to the judge, in writing, those specifics details of what you need, in order to protect your own and your son’s rights.

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