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Excellent Lawyer, Highly Recommended

I can write all day long and it still won’t be enough to praise how dedicated and fair this attorney is. Farah is selfless, she fights to fair and just, she fights for what is right. Specially when innocent children are caught in the ugly mess of divorce/custody battles, and the other party is being extremely harsh, inconsiderate, vindictive and egoistic. What Farah did for me, find an attorney who would do that. She put herself on the line for me, without caring about herself, she spoke out for what she believed to be the truth, fair and honesty.. Battle for me has not been easy, it has been an emotional, financial and physical challenge for me but Farah and her team made sure to be there for me and make the journey smoother for me. Every time I walk out of her office after meeting with her, I feel confident, I feel secure and I feel trusted. More to come once it is all over…
Thank you so very much Farah Sidi.

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