Ron Shulman
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More Than A Family Law Firm

In dealing with a divorce, the emotional turmoil & personal challenges, combined with financial pressure was to be overwhelming. The thought of choosing a lawyer to resolve my “life” after speaking to so many disappointed people who had gone through the same ordeal was awful. “SHULMAN LAW FIRM”, came recommended after I was disappointed and feeling uneasy about continuing representation, by another Family Law Firm.

The staff at “SHULMAN LAW FIRM” wasted no time, reorganizing documents, filing court documents and communicating information. The communication response time was efficient and I was treated with respect and care by all staff. The staff worked beyond all my expectations in all departments, from reception, clerks, accounting, and to my council, Ron Shulman. Ron Shulman’s experience, advance planning, knowledge and dedication; allowed him to advice and explain recommendations, while leaving me feeling confidant and at ease. He knew my case completely.

This and his mannerism in dealing with the opposing counsel proved to be an asset in the courtroom and as a result, resolution of my case. I have and continue to highly recommend “SHULMAN LAW FIRM”.

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