Diana Isaac
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I am one satisfied client

I thoroughly searched the internet for a good lawyer to represent my case and found Diana Isaac from Shulman & Partners and was not disappointed. Diana and her wonderful team ( Jessica Freedman , Bridget Bilski, Krystle Dalao, Jerome Romney and others in the backend) were truly professional, empathetic and courteous throughout my entire case. The initial consultation with Diana was also a great plus point as it allowed me to get a feeling about the lawyer I was planning to have represent my case which was a bit out of the ordinary as I was outside of the country. For the quality of work from Diana and her team everything was competitively priced and reasonable ! I was truly satisfied by the outcome of my case as I felt it was dealt with firm , fair and professional. Last but not least I know there are many law firms out there with good lawyers , but what puts Shulman ahead of the crowd is that they have great lawyers .. I am one satisfied client, thank you Diana and team for all the hard work !

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