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I Finally Have Closure

After separating from my sons Father, I realized co-parenting was not an option. Everything with my ex was a battle; he was disrespectful, hurtful, and verbally aggressive. I wanted to avoid future conflicts and for the best interest of my son, I decided to seek sole custody and support through the courts. I hired Rick from Shulman Law Firm not only for his expertise but to be a voice on my behalf to handle many outstanding issues.

Rick and his staff were transparent, honest, professional, and worked very hard on my case from beginning to end. They made time to explain the process, next steps, and what I could potentially expect based on their knowledge and experience. There were times I doubted the end result of my case, but I felt comforted and reassured through Rick’s continued commitment. I trusted Rick’s advice and recommendations and was never disappointed or let down. After a long 17 months of many court appearances and disputes, I finally have sole custody and the required financial support to provide for my son. It was a stressful process and at times hard to see the end being near, but I’m overwhelmed with happiness that I got what I’ve always wanted. I would not have been able to do this without Rick, Farah, Alexandra and other staff support. I would strongly recommend Shulman Law Firm to anyone seeking legal representation for custody and support.

I look forward to life and can finally move forward. I’m relieved and truly grateful to Rick and his team.

Thank you!

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