Ron Shulman
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And Now Life Can Continue

I came to Ron after having fired my previous Counsel and my only regret is not having been introduced to him sooner. I remember in our initial meeting asking Ron “what kind of lawyer would you describe yourself as?”. Ron replied “Strategic” and those words probably helped solidify my decision to retain his firm. Ron proved his strategic way of thinking would be a tremendous asset throughout our case.

He was amazing at anticipating opposing Counsel’s next move. He was very empathetic through the process and explained why we were taking the strategic direction we were on. In the end, he was able to broker a settlement and put an end to a very troubling time in my life. The rest of Ron’s staff, in particular Courtney, were responsive and professional. They worked very diligently behind the scenes and helped simplify a very daunting process.

A tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders and life can proceed without obstruction and for this I am truly grateful.

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