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When family law becomes a topic of public interest, our lawyers always join the conversation.

Walsh Family Law Moot & Negotiation Competition Interview

Managing Partner, Ron Shulman answers questions with lawyer Zachary Liquornik for the Walsh Family Moot & Negotiation Competition. Shulman & Partners LLP is the Award Level Sponsor for the event.

Should you put a ‘COVID clause’ in your divorce proceedings? Lawyers weigh in

COVID has changed divorce and relationships, and for the uncertain parts there is a new "COVID Clause". Alyssa Bach, Family Lawyer at Shulman & Partners LLP tells CTV News how these clauses can be useful in a divorce.

More Canadians Want Temporary Divorce Solutions to Avoid Settlement During COVID

Ron Shulman, managing partner, joins BNN h to discuss how divorce has changed during COVID-19: including temporary divorce solutions.

Latest COVID-19 Lockdown Pt 2: Conflict, Self-help Among Divorced and Separated Parents

In part two of "Latest COVID-19 Lockdown" articles, Managing Partner, Ron Shulman, discusses the economic and social cost of the lockdown including stricter protocols and changes to self help measures.