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Couples Should Consider A Cohabitation Agreement Before Living Together

Many couples move in together without giving much thought as to what will happen if they break up. Unfortunately, if these common-law couples do split, there can be serious legal issues for them to sort out, explains Ron Shulman. That is unless the couple has a cohabitation agreement.

Why An Amicable Divorce Goes Sideways

It pays (a lot) to keep a divorce amicable. But if it were really that simple, every couple would work towards a good divorce. So what exactly makes an amicable divorce turn sideways? Ron Shulman speaks with The Lawyer's Daily and offers his thoughts.

Working With Power Imbalances In A Divorce

Power imbalances in romantic relationships are not uncommon, reveals family lawyer Laura Paris. One partner often gains more control not because they use force, but because there are significant financial disparities. This can make a divorce more challenging if the couple ever splits.

In Contentious Cases With Children, Solutions Need Expert Help

In highly contentious cases involving children, it is crucial to keep in mind that the child needs help. These cases require teamwork, and experts must be part of this collaboration, writes family lawyer Diana Isaac.

How Court Determines Who Owns Frozen Embryos When Spouses Split

In a groundbreaking case, Ontario’s top court recently ruled that an embryo could not be implanted in a woman without her ex-husband's consent. Family lawyer Ron Shulman explains how a court could make a decision about such a novel case, even though legislation could not provide a clear answer.

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