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Whose Bed Have Those Boots Been Under? Finding Answers Professionally and Discreetly

My firm has been approached numerous times to conduct infidelity investigations. For a number of years, my firm would specifically not engage in them unless there were very specific concerns or allegations of a criminal nature. This isn’t because adultery cases were any less relevant or important than criminal or corporate investigations, but for a long time, I held a personal belief that domestic investigations were a bit shady.

Truth be told, I held that belief because in my formative years of investigation, many of the “domestic investigators” that I met or worked with were pretty darn shady. However, as time has passed, I have realized that it wasn’t the job that reflected upon the investigator, it was the investigator that reflected upon the job. As such, I have built my firm on a stable moral and ethical base.

I also realized that traditionally speaking, while many people never found the answers that they insisted upon, clients were never encouraged to be realistic in their goals. Unfortunately, many were treated as temporary wallets by the industry. I am proud to say that there has been a push in recent years by a few investigative firms to diligently conduct investigations, accurately report the truth, and most importantly, to work with and advise their clients of the benefits and short falls of conducting these investigations. There have also been great improvements in technology, which enables us to maximize discretion, and monitor our targets safely and without detection. Regardless of your partner’s gender, habits, routine, working conditions or lifestyle, there are proven investigative solutions from research to surveillance to drones to GPS systems and technology available to assist you in finding answers.

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Today, a lone qualified investigator can often track a person on their own (although truthfully, two investigators is the optimum number of investigators to use on a domestic matter for reasons of discretion and versatility), and using any combination of modern covert recording devices, clear video and / or audio evidence can often be obtained in almost any environment. In the old days, the same work used to involve multiple two man teams. That is another difference today – we can often use one single two person team. Many people still have the incorrect notion that only men work as investigators, and I am happy to advise that while this industry is still male dominant, we have a number of very qualified female investigators who work with us to provide clients results.

If you’re thinking about hiring a private investigator, but don’t know how to determine who will be a best fit for you, my advice to you is this: be honest about your position. Why are you investigating, and what do you want to achieve from the investigation? As a general rule of thumb, keep in mind that good investigators are in no rush to sign the deal. Ask as many questions as you want, and if you aren’t getting reasonable answers, move on to another investigator. You are the one paying for the service, and you are the one with the right to choose who does the investigating. Make sure to select someone who suits both your needs and comfort level.

Once an investigation has begun, remember that investigators are at work for you, and they cannot update very frequently during the investigation. There is nothing wrong with wanting updates, but please be patient.

While there are still a number of “shady” companies out there, they are becoming a thing of the past, and when it comes to domestic investigations specifically, there are a growing number of professional firms that will work hard to discreetly and diligently answer your questions.

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