You Should Read This: Our Nominations For The 2019 Canadian Law Blog Awards

December 11, 2019
Kim Brown

Article written by Kim Brown

Can the law be dry, tedious, and technical? Of course. But it doesn’t have to be. The creative minds behind these three law blogs have found a way to highlight the importance of Canadian law, while also making it current, engaging and even funny.  

Here are our three nominations for the 2019 Canadian Law Blog Awards.

Law Podcast – LawLawLand

This is a relatively new podcast from a criminal defense lawyer and a comedian. Why didn’t we think of something like this? Mindy Caterina and Garrett Jamieson have created a podcast that is timely, interesting, and appealing to a very wide audience. You don’t have to know the law to listen to LawLawLand.

Visual Law Blog – Caryma Sa’d

Criminal, landlord/tenant and cannabis lawyer Caryma Sa’d is a fearless advocate for the underdogs. While she does not maintain a written blog on her website, Caryma has launched a series of landlord/tenant comics which are short, informative, and beautiful to look at. It’s a perfect resource for almost any Torontonian who has a simple question about housing rules.

Administrative Law Blog – Canadian Administrative Law Blog

The Canadian Administrative Law Blog, published by Harper Grey LLP, does all the heavy lifting for those who need to find a substantive case involving administrative laws in Canada. Written pieces are the perfect blend of facts and commentary, and the easy-to-use search feature makes this database a delight to visit.

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Happy reading!