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When family law becomes a topic of public interest, our lawyers always join the conversation.

Annulments Are Rare And Tricky To Get

King Henry VIII resorted to an annulment from Catherine of Aragon, who couldn’t produce a male heir, in 1533 so that he could marry Anne Boleyn. Henry VIII had to go over Pope Clement VII’s head and take control of England’s religious matters to be able to marry again.

McCain: Jeff Melanson married to redeem reputation

Toronto Symphony Orchestra president Jeff Melanson is being portrayed by estranged wife Eleanor McCain as a ruthless leader who “tricked” her into marriage because he wanted her money and an escape route from sexual harassment accusations at the Banff Centre.

Lottery Winnings And Divorce

Katherine Robinson, family lawyer with Shulman Law Firm, discusses the ramifications of winning the lottery in the middle of a divorce.

When in Need of a Helping Hand

Call it a case of serendipity to the rescue. Sharon Silbert, a family lawyer working solo in St. Catharines, Ont., was feeling pinched for time earlier this year when a law student approached her looking for work.

Agreeing To Disagree On Cohabs

Joanne Stewart hesitates a little then utters the words she’s been searching for to describe a segment of clients she’s seeing come through her door lately:

Time For Contingency Fees In Family Law?

Ending Ontario’s ban on contingency fees in family law cases is probably not the best way to help people who are unable to afford counsel, some Ontario family lawyers say.