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Trending: Grey Divorce Continues To Rise In Canada

About 40% of the clients that Shulman Law Firm works with are over the age of 50. Grey divorce is becoming more common in Toronto, and all over Canada, shares family lawyer Diana Isaac, despite the fact that ending a long-term marriage comes with some hard truths.

Average Age Of Divorce Is Rising In Canada

Canadians are redefining what it means to live happily ever after. More married couples in their 50s and 60s are making the decision to end unhappy relationships, and get divorced. This is a positive thing, but as family lawyer Diana Isaac tells Global News, grey divorcees need a good plan.

Can An Adult Child Force A Divorce?

Canadian boxing legend George Chuvalo has been married to his second wife, Joanne, for 25 years. But George's two children say that it's time for the relationship to end. Because George is mentally incapacitated, the kids have power of attorney, and they tried, unsuccessfully, to use that power to obtain a divorce for their dad.

Family lawyer Laura Paris talks about the specifics of this unique case, and explains why it's unlikely that an adult child could force a divorce between parents.

Assets Must Be Carefully Untangled In Grey Divorces

The rules and procedures surrounding divorce do not change based on a couple’s age, however, there are some unique challenges pertaining to asset redistribution that family lawyers must be aware of when helping a client through a grey divorce.

How To Protect Gift Money You Give To Your Adult Child

Marriage can be full of surprises. But finding out that your child's spouse could get half of the gift money your gave him or her shouldn't be one of them. Family lawyer Rick Peticca shares some valuable information about how parents can protect any gift money that they intend to give their child on their big wedding day.

What You Need To Know If You’re Helping Your Child, And Their Spouse, Buy A Home

Before committing to helping you adult child purchase a home with their spouse, explore with them the possibility of a legally-binding marriage contract, advises Rick Peticca. “It may create bad feelings at first, but you take the elephant out of the room, and detail that the money gift is expressly given to your son or daughter,”