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Transgender Children And Family Law Cases

Parents who are getting divorced may experience difficulty agreeing on small issues, like what after-school activities their kids should participate in, or how much screen time they should get. But what happens when they cannot agree on something really important, like whether their transgender child should get gender reassignment surgery? Family lawyer Rick Peticca explores this emerging issue with Newstalk 1010's Barb DiGiulio.

Abusive Relationships: How Do We Make Leaving Less Dangerous?

Family lawyers are often among the first people that a spouse who is experiencing abuse will work with upon deciding to separate. However, there’s no concrete framework for lawyers to use to evaluate the risks.

Diana Isaac shares the strategies she takes when working with people who are experiencing domestic abuse to help ensure they can leave safely.

‘$400 An Hour To fight Over A Pet’: Why Divorcing Couples Need A Plan

California law allows judges to consider shared custody arrangements for pets caught in the middle of divorce. However, pets are still considered property in Canada, says family lawyer Diana Isaac. Will that ever change? And what can pet parents to do ensure they don’t end up fighting over Fido in the event of a divorce?

Having The “Money Talk” Leads To Better Relationships

Whether you're entering into a marriage with the intent of keeping finances separate, or plan to mix love and money, it's critical to have a thorough money talk, says family lawyer Diana Isaac.

Click here to read more about this trending topic, and get some excellent tips from Pattie Lovett-Reid on how to have "the talk."

Why More Adult Kids Are Supporting Their Parents

Almost all Canadian parents with kids between the ages of 18 to 35 have supported them financially in their adulthood. However, some adult children are in the opposite situation, and divorce may have something to do with that, shares family lawyer Rick Peticca. Read more to find out how this trend is affecting Canadian families.

Divorce Act Changes Incorporate Child-Focused Language

The modernization of the federal Divorce Act is long overdue, but the changes are well intentioned, confirms Ron Shulman. In particular, the introduction of concepts such as parenting time, decision-making responsibility and contact should reduce conflict between separating co-parents and help remove winner-loser mentality.

Click here to read more about the exciting new changes to the act.