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Life after divorce: How to make sure you’re financially prepared

Ron Shulman, founder of Shulman Law Firm, talks about how to navigate your finances after a divorce.

An Ottawa man burned $1 million to keep it from his ex wife

55-year-old Ottawa businessman and one-time mayoral candidate went to extremes to keep his ex-wife from getting her share of their wealth during their divorce. Rick Peticca of Shulman & Partners LLP weighs in.

Exiting an Abusive Relationship

Rick Peticca of Shulman & Partners LLP on NewsTalk 1010 discussing abusive relationships.

How To Get Through A Divorce Without Making Costly Mistakes

There are a lot of financial implications for anyone going through a divorce. Taking some key actions now could save you thousands in the long run.

How To Get Divorced Without Going Broke

An uncontested divorce can cost about $1,300 in lawyer’s fees in Ontario. But exes who can’t see eye-to-eye on support payments or who gets the dog could pay top dollar to untie the knot. Family lawyer Laura Paris explains why some divorces end up costing so much more than others.

Navigating Finances After Divorce

There is more than one way to manage finances during a divorce. Partner and Toronto family lawyer Diana Isaac shares some valuable tips on how to minimize financial stress during and after a divorce.