Using Lawyers Can Actually Minimize Legal Costs

July 17, 2013
Ron Shulman

Article written by Ron Shulman

Everyone knows that litigation can be expensive.   But did you know that hiring a lawyer can actually minimize legal costs in the long run?

At Shulman & Partners LLP, we don’t merely concentrate on representing you in court on your family dispute.   Instead, are deeply involved in every step of the dispute-resolution process, and focus on identifying those areas where we can actually save you money along the way.

For example, as lawyers we can act not just as negotiators who are “in your corner”, but we can also assist you with Mediation, to help you and your Ex narrow down the issues, and identifying and resolve any areas of common ground.    In many cases, the early decision to pursue Mediation can serve to quickly pare the contentious issues down to a more manageable list, and avoid considerable time in court.

But even if you don’t choose Mediation, our Firm can help you narrow the range of legal issues that have to be resolved.  It is always much cheaper use a lawyer to negotiate a settlement, than it is to use that same lawyer to conduct litigation in court.

On that point, many people aren’t aware that some divorce cases do not need to go to trialat all:  We may be able to help you reach a fair, mutually-agreeable separation agreement with your Ex, which may lead to a Divorce Order being filed on consent (rather than battled out in court).   All of the issues will have been resolved along the way.   Needless to say, this can save you considerable legal fees, time, and stress.

Shulman & Partners LLP is a Toronto-area firm of experienced Family Lawyers who can provide practical advice and effective representation relating to the steps and processes involved in separating and getting divorced in Ontario.   Contact us to set up a consultation.